About us.

  • Individual approach to each client's needs ensures our Agency's success in achieving the maximum results and quality of work.
  • Each of our company´s private investigators is issued the certificate of individual private investigator-detective activity by the State police of LR Licensing Commission.
  • All our employees are professionals with extensive practical work experience both in the investigation, and in the different operational LR Law Enforcement authorities.
  • Cooperation with private detectives and detective agencies in other European countries and the CIS allow us successfully to represent our clients outside Latvia and collect all the information our customer needs.
  • We provide our services under strict observation of the rules of LR Law and based on the Law on Detective Activity of the LR.

Detective agencies and a private detective can provide the following services (the Law on Detective Activity):

  • 1) collect information on civil and criminal cases;
  • 2) search for persons, who committed criminal offences or went missing;
  • 3) investigate the facts, matters or persons associated with the criminal activity;
  • 4) provide consulting services to physical or legal persons on security matters;
  • 5) clarify the facts of unfair competition, illegal commercial activities or other unlawful economic activities;
  • 6) collect information on a person prior to conclusion of labour contracts or undertaking any other kind of civil liabilities, and information on the solvency of a person;
  • 7) investigate the data related with insurance policy obligations and material damages payments;
  • 8) search for the lost or illegally seized property of physical and legal persons.

Detective agencies and detective may also provide other services, if they are not in conflict with the law and they are provided with the purpose of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of physical or legal persons.

Conducting the detective activities, detective is entitled:

  • 1) perform a masked (hidden) personal survey on facts and matters of interest or the circumstances of events;
  • 2) with the consent of the person, to carry out a detailed survey of the person and accept from it the written explanation of the facts and the things of interest or the circumstances of events;
  • 3) with the owners or lawful possessors permission, to perform visual inspection of publicly inaccessible sites, buildings, structures, premises, facilities, equipment, items and documents;
  • 4) perform open or disguised (hidden) visual inspection of publicly available sites, buildings, structures, facilities and premises;
  • 5) perform open or disguised (hidden) surveillance and tracking of a person, case and their motion.